AlleyWatch-The Most Active NYC Venture Capital Firms in 2022

As you seek out your next round, here's a handy resource covering the most active NYC venture firms in 2022 that will save you countless hours., I took the time to scour through some data to isolate the most active New York City venture capital firms that are investing in the greatest number of NYC startups (this analysis is not based on dollar amounts) across all stages of the venture cycle. As you seek out your next round, hopefully, this will serve as a handy resource to know where the dollars are pouring in from in the NYC tech ecosystem. Included for each firm is the number of investments made in NYC startups in 2022 and the names of the NYC startups that the venture firms invested in during the year.

Some takeaways:

Out of the 154 rounds represented in this analysis, 63% of the rounds were prior to H2 2022.
The median age of firms represented on this list is 12.5 years.
Out of the institutionally-backed funds, the median number of funds is 6.
Tiger, which also was the most active last year, wrote 83% of its checks in the first half of the year.
Thrive Capital, which has been on the list for the last several years, only wrote 8 checks in 2022.
Operator Partners, founded in 2020, and The Fund, founded in 2018, make the list for the first time.

While examining the data, it is important to keep the following in mind as these factors do have an impact on the data:

The data is current as of 1/24/22.
Only NYC venture capital firms were considered for this analysis. This does not include data from NYC accelerator programs or venture syndicates.
Only venture firms with their headquarters in NYC were considered.
The number of investments reflects total firm investments in companies that are based, founded, and headquartered in NYC.
Click here for a full list of venture capital firms in NYC.
Investments from investment banks were not included.
Our data set is not 100% complete, some rounds are not disclosed nor have regulatory filing and therefore are not included in this analysis.


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