Work and HR Tech Market Landscapes

the prevalent categories in the space. Learn how the buyer and markets have evolved to create the categories today and where we're headed. Topics c…

Go To Market

Taking your company and product to market while you’re establishing and validating product-market-fit requires creativity and focus. Learn from the experience of Impact WorkTech mentors…

Raising Capital

Gain perspective on raising capital for your startup from our investor partners and mentors. When should you raise? How much? How should you manage investor…


Developing the sales and customer success strategy and execution


Building the proposition, go to market strategy and execution


Defining your product vision, identifying the customer pain points, testing, validating and building the best solution

Introduction to Impact WorkTech

Welcome to Impact WorkTech! We’re excited to work with you. We’re going to start with an introduction to the accelerator. Why we’re here. What we…