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Increasing Hiring Work Tech Budgets

Our “New Technology Shaping the Future of Work” report shares the top twelve Hiring Work Tech categories with increasing budgets. The top five are listed here.

2023 will bring an increased focus on analytics to Talent Acquisition teams. However, not all analytics needs are the same. As we talk to employers with recruiting teams in different market segments, there are varying degrees of analytics sophistication and levels of operations or IT support for analytics. You must take stock of these variables in your environment before investing in tech that is too far behind or ahead of your team’s ability to use it.

It was encouraging to see that 42% of employers plan to increase existing DEIB Hiring Work Tech budgets. We’re seeing similar promise in VC investment flowing into this category and in the product roadmaps of Hiring Work Tech providers.

The successful adoption of chatbots and conversational interfaces is giving way to increasing budgets. Employers we spoke to look at these interfaces beyond high-volume hiring, where we saw early adoption. They’re looking at engaging with candidates of all types with these interface. We’re beginning to see these interfaces start to emerge for use internally on hiring teams as well.

Underwritten by Greenhouse Software, WorkTech set out on its most ambitious research. Perhaps the most ambitious ever in this category. WorkTech set out to better define and understand this new, fast-growing category. What are the market forces driving it? What is its immediate and long-term future? Join us as we define the future of Work Tech and, in turn, get a glimpse at the future of work.

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