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Lessons From the Trenches: Round-Up of Gareth Jones’ Top Do’s and Don’ts for Start-up Success

George LaRocque December 21, 2021

Bringing a start-up to life and taking it the distance is a journey that presents many challenges and often, especially for early-stage and first-time founders, there are few answers. In this session, Gareth Jones, CEO of  VC backed Recruitment software solution Headstart and founding partner of Impact WorkTech will share the mistakes made, lessons learned, and things he wished he’d been told (as well as the things he wishes he’d listened to!) from the 20+ years he has worked with startups.

In this session, Gareth will run through the key points followed by an open AMA-style discussion. Please do bring any other questions or challenges to the conversation as likely your fellow cohort members will be able to share their own experiences.

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