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Daily News -Europe – EU jobless rate holds steady in December; lowest rates in Czechia, Poland and Germany

The unemployment rate in the European Union continued holding steady in December at 6.1%, unchanged from November, Eurostat reported Wednesday. Still, December’s rate is down year over year from December 2021’s jobless rate of 6.4%.
The lowest unemployment rates in December were in Czechia at 2.3% and Poland and Germany at 2.9% each. Spain and Greece posted the highest unemployment rates at 13.1% and 11.6%, respectively.
December unemployment by country:

Austria, 5.0%
Belgium, 5.5%
Bulgaria, 4.0%
Croatia, 6.4%
Cyprus, 7.7%
Czechia, 2.3%
Denmark, 4.8%
Estonia, 5.7%
Finland, 6.8%
France, 7.1%
Germany, 2.9%
Greece, 11.6%
Hungary, 4.0%
Iceland, 3.8%
Ireland, 4.3%
Italy, 7.8%
Latvia, 7.1%
Lithuania, 5.8%
Luxembourg, 4.6%
Malta, 3.2%
Netherlands, 3.5%
Norway , 3.4%
Poland, 2.9%
Portugal, 6.7%
Romania, 5.6%
Slovakia, 5.8%
Slovenia, 4.0%
Spain, 13.1%
Sweden , 7.3%

Eurostat estimates there were 13.1 million unemployed persons in the EU in December.

Fast Company-Surprise! It’s the best job market in 54 years, even if it doesn’t feel like it

Friday’s government report painted a resilient labor market, with low unemployment, relatively few layoffs, and many job openings.

WASHINGTON (AP) — America’s employers added a stunning 517,000 jobs in January, a surprisingly strong gain in the face of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive drive to slow growth and tame inflation with higher interest rates.
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