WorkTech Launches New Data Access and Data-Focused Memberships and Advisory Services

Employers, Work Tech Developers of all sizes, and Investors of All Stages Now Have Unparalleled Access to Data and Insights

New York, NY – (March 12, 2023) – The industry-leading source of Work Tech data and insights WorkTech has launched new and unprecedented access to global Work Tech market data with the launch of its new Global Work Tech Market Directory, new online interface to its Global Work Tech VC database, and Market Advantage Membership, The news comes after last week’s launch of the  HR Technology Conference & Exposition® Innovation Summit investor forum chaired by George LaRocque, Founder and Principal Analyst of WorkTech.

With these new initiatives, WorkTech provides a unique opportunity for the entire future of work ecosystem to access data and insights never before offered from one source. We strive to be the industry’s source of truth and perspective. You’ll see us continue to innovate and grow in support of this mission.George LaRocque, WorkTech Founder

LaRocque commented, “Our goal is to make the Work Tech market far more efficient than it is today. Whether that’s helping employers understand the trends driving the future of work, assisting Work Tech providers in understanding their customers and strategic opportunities, advising investors and corporate development teams on which tech providers align with their theses, or helping select startups get to product-market-fit more quickly via our Impact WorkTech Accelerator. ”

WorkTech will be adding to the data sets available via its site on an ongoing basis in 2023 while providing further data and insights not available there to its Market Advantage members. In Q4 2023 WorkTech will provide data and insights exclusively offered to those in attendance at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition® Innovation Summit investor forum.

“We’re thrilled about the future of work and the future of WorkTech,” added LaRocque. “Even during uncertain economic times the market continues to thrive.”

About WorkTech

WorkTech is a market analyst and advisory firm. WorkTech is the source of truth for industry data on emerging Work Tech innovation. WorkTech provides market analysis, advisory services, and data-driven research and insights on the future of work and emerging technology that supports it. For more information on WorkTech or to read up on the latest deals in Work Tech, visit or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

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